Can Christians Have Demons?

Of all the people groups in this world, the Christian has the hardest time acknowlegeing the posssibility of this being true. The chapter will give the solid evidence needed to believe that Christians DO have demons.


How Are You Clothed?

The believer is provided a perfect suit of armor.  It is the responsibility of every believer to understand not only what makes up this armor, but how each part is supposed to function. 


Symptoms of Demonic Invasion

It can be wrong or even harmful to tell someone they have a demon problem.  There are, however, many things that are symptomatic of demonic invasion and control. 


Basis For Freedom And Conquest

The believer has been given power and authority over Satan and his demons. With this authority there is no reason to fear even a direct confrontation with the enemy.

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Principles of Operation

No exclusive claim is made to the hows of casting out demons.  However, the methods discussed in this chapter have been used to set at liberty thousands from different parts of the world.


Inner Healing

Everyone in the world needs some inner healing. Inner healing is not reserved for the Christian. It is available for all people. Inner healing eliminates the ability of the enemy to again invade.



SET AT LIBERTY - A Warrior's Manual details the use of that power and authority to provide deliverance against demonic oppression.

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